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Hi! I am Jen Lezan,  I run Bella + Sophia Creative! Aside from my work in fashion, illustration and graphic design, I really enjoy planning and designing stationery! As you saw in my How to Build a Digital Planner course, some of my top selling products are my digital planners and digital stickers sets in my Etsy shop. I previously launched a digital sticker design course that walked you through the process using Affinity Designer for the desktop. 

I wanted to do an update to this class in response to the requests I’ve gotten about how to make digital stickers in Affinity Designer for the iPad. This is because the interfaces are a bit different - so this course will get you comfortable with the iPad version.  Creating digital stickers for use in goodnotes or your iPad is not nearly as hard as you think. I wanted to share some tips, my knowledge of the iPad app and help you build a digital sticker set that you can customize to your needs. These sticker sets give digital planning a bit of creativity and a nod to the “real thing” and the beauty about working in Affinity Designer is that you don’t necessarily need to have too much artistic ability as we will be working with shapes and vector tools.  Digital stickers are also a bit more eco friendly than your traditional paper planners as you can reuse them over and over again. 

What the class is about

In this class, you will learn how to create a digital sticker set in Affinity Designer for the iPad. This is an update to my prior class as I received messages and requests to do this class to highlight the iPad Affinity Designer interface. I really enjoy using Affinity Designer on the iPad for working on projects on the go and  for creating digital stickers because it allows you to simply and quickly create precise shapes, align and space items easily, add vector effects to the shapes and export your images as slices to PNG files without a background. This basically allows you to prepare them for your digital note taking app and apply them to pages without a white background. 

This course is a fantastic class to also get comfortable using Affinity Designer on your ipad - as you are going through the basic process of creating in the program and you get a tangible project that you can use after you are done. The goal for this class is to highlight the interface of the iPad version as it is a bit different than what you might find on the desktop version.

A few of the skills students will learn

You will learn how create your own digital planner stickers in Affinity Designer right on your ipad. We will start with the basics of understanding the tool bars and functions in the Affinity Designer iPad workspace, then we will start to build out our digital sticker set. 

You will learn how to design simple functional stickers that don’t require any artistic prowess. You will learn about the different types of stickers for planning. How to set up your file and prep your art boards. You will get an understanding of the layers function in the program. We will also go over how to use the shape tools, the line tool and how to use the the move and align functions. You will get a better understanding of the layer FX tools and how to add things like shadows to make items feel more 3-D and realistic. We will go over how to load your digital stickers into goodnotes and some simple tasks in Goodnotes like how place and how to resize your stickers for use in your digital planners in Goodnotes. 

You can use the stickers you create in this class to offer as a free download if you are trying to build an email list, sell them on your website or a site like Etsy or Creative Market or just use them for yourself. To make things easier, I will be including the class project affinity designer template that you can edit and get acquainted with before you start your own as well as a sticker book you can use to load your stickers into goodnotes with. I will also include a file with all of the stickers I created in the class for personal use optimized for Goodnotes and in a zipped file as PNGs. If you like my work, you can also check out or buy my other sticker packs on my website. 

All you need to take this class is your iPad, The Affinity Designer ipad App and The Goodnotes app or any other note taking app. If you are into physical planning and want the real thing, check out my other 2 planner sticker classes here on skillshare: Designing Planner Stickers using Procreate and the Cricut Explore Air or Learn how to design foiled planner stickers using the Minc and Cricut. I hope you enjoy the course, let’s get creating!

Who the class is geared toward or if any prior knowledge or experience is required

This class is geared towards beginners. You don’t need any prior experience using the Affinity Designer software as I will be going over the basics to help you get comfortable using the software.

Some very basic technical abilities will be needed as I will be showing you step by step how to use the procreate app on the iPad  and how to build your sticker set file on the iPad. So, having a basic understanding of your iPad will be helpful.

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Jennifer Lezan

Designer | Illustrator | Educator

Hello! Welcome to The Creative Studio | Learn-Design-Create, my name is Jen. I am a Chicago-born Latinxer (I'm a proud Puerto Rican and Mexican American) millennial, an educator, and a freelance creative with experience in graphic design, digital media, illustration and surface pattern design. I am also a mother of two who is in on a mission to reach all the creative goals I've set for myself while trying my best to be a positive influence on the world. I have 10+ years of experience in the fashion and creative marketing industry in both the corporate world and teaching as a professor in Higher Education. Over the last 3+ years, I have taught and connected with over 13,000 students online. I am working on building course offerings that bring people a new perspective and opportunity to take your design and art skills to a new level. I am pushing for continued growth, running my indie studio, Bella+Sophia Creative, while also using my skills to help others interested in starting a career in the creative industries. My hope is to inspire others through creativity and help you find your creative voice. I look to inspire others as much as I look to be inspired. I'm so excited to get to know all of you! I am SO glad YOU are here!

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“I'm new to using Affinity Designer and was able to follow this class easily. This was a great class and I'm excited that I feel more comfortable with Affinity Designer on the iPad. Thank you so much! Posted about 1 year ago”

Marlena Larson

“I started as a complete novice but now I have a solid foundation to continue making my own stickers. The class project was incredibly helpful and Jenny thoroughly guides us through each step. She isn't verbose and gets to the point without compromising clarity. YouTube videos cannot compare to the quality of this class.”

Grace Nutt

“This was such a detailed, and wonderful class on creating digital stickers. It’s a skill I’ve been trying to master for a while and Jenny made the process so easy. Loved it.”

Cardwell and Ink Design