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Hello everyone welcome to my latest class! I’m Jen Lezan and I’ll be  the one guiding you through this course. I’m a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and educator based out of the midwest and I run Bella + Sophia Creative studio. If you want to learn more about me, check out my youtube channel: The Freelance Life to get a behind the scenes view of the work I do as a freelancer and the work that goes into making classes like this one. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge here on Skillshare and over on Youtube as I think it’s an accessible way to learn new skills.  


This month, I wanted to share my process for creating surface pattern design work using my iPad and the Affinity iPad apps. I have shared classes in the past where I walk you through my process using my desktop, but in this class I wanted to show you how seamless (pun intended) the process of making pattern repeats can be working with the Affinity iPad apps. I will show you both of the processes I use when working in the raster based app Affinity Photo and when I create in the vector based app Affinity Designer.


I wanted to share some tips, my knowledge and process to help you design surface pattern repeats that you can use for print on demand sites like Spoonflower. I know that surface pattern design can sometimes seem daunting when it comes to the tech side of things, but for this class -I wanted to show how you can streamline your process and complete the whole process using only your iPad, a stylus and the Affinity apps.

What the class is about

In this class, I will walk you through my process on how to make a seamless repeating pattern using both the raster based Affinity Photo app and the vector based affinity designer app on your iPad. You can complete the entire process from sketch to final pattern tile completely on the pad. I 

A few of the skills students will learn

You will learn the basics of how to use the Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer apps to design a repeating pattern. I will walk you through my research process to find references and inspiration for both motifs and color stories and how to create a quick mood board in Affinity Photo. Then you can begin the sketch process. You can either sketch traditionally, but I urge you to experiment with sketching digitally. I will even show you, though, how you can pull hand drawn sketches into your app by taking a simple photo of your sketchbook. Then we will go over the basics of the workspace including the brushes, layers, color studio, transform studio and things like the affine effects in both apps. Then, I show you I how I sketch, ink and color motif concepts directly within the affinity software. Finally, show you how I build my repeats in each of the apps. 

I will essentially go through each of these steps in each of the apps individually for an easy to follow along creative session. This course is designed to give you all the technical and creative skills you need to start designing patterns using the Affinity iPad apps. 

Make sure to check out the class resources for a resource guide on surface pattern design and the color palettes I use for the projects in the course! Also, make sure you check out the Pinterest Board Link with some great surface pattern design inspiration. 

If you want to check out some of my surface pattern and other design and illustration work - make sure you check out my shop on Etsy: Bella + Sophia Creative. You can also check out my website at: www.bellasophiacreative.com 

Tools needed 

All you need to take this class is an iPad, and Apple Pencil with the following apps installed: 


Apple Pencil

Affinity Photo app

Affinity Designer app

Who the class is geared toward 

This class is geared towards anyone interested in learning how to create surface pattern designs using Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer on their iPad. Whether you are a seasoned pro in surface pattern design or someone just learning how to use the software, I work to ensure you will feel comfortable in the apps and the course. As I said before, I know that surface pattern design can sometimes seem daunting when it comes to the tech side of things, but for this class -I wanted to show how you can streamline your process and complete the whole process using only your iPad, a stylus and the Affinity apps. 

I am looking forward to creating with you today! Let’s get Started.

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Jennifer Lezan

Designer | Illustrator | Educator

Hello! Welcome to The Creative Studio | Learn-Design-Create, my name is Jen. I am a Chicago-born Latinxer (I'm a proud Puerto Rican and Mexican American) millennial, an educator, and a freelance creative with experience in graphic design, digital media, illustration and surface pattern design. I am also a mother of two who is in on a mission to reach all the creative goals I've set for myself while trying my best to be a positive influence on the world. I have 10+ years of experience in the fashion and creative marketing industry in both the corporate world and teaching as a professor in Higher Education. Over the last 3+ years, I have taught and connected with over 13,000 students online. I am working on building course offerings that bring people a new perspective and opportunity to take your design and art skills to a new level. I am pushing for continued growth, running my indie studio, Bella+Sophia Creative, while also using my skills to help others interested in starting a career in the creative industries. My hope is to inspire others through creativity and help you find your creative voice. I look to inspire others as much as I look to be inspired. I'm so excited to get to know all of you! I am SO glad YOU are here!

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“Great class! Easy to follow along with the examples, and helpful to learn new features with affinity apps.”

Carol Freire

“It is the best course I have taken so far on this topic. Very eye opening, as far as the process, steps and aspects for creating surface patterns on Affinity/Photo Designer. Very useful concepts to build patterns, even if using other software. Very open and generous sharing tips and instruction.”

Gabriela Hogue

“Really great class. Clear instructions and easy to follow along. Learned a lot!”

Kris Dee